Our Story



For the Woman

We exist for the woman who’s in love with the world and herself. She lives with intent and compassion. She embraces her flaws and her figure. For her, we’ve created pieces that perfect the balance between seductiveness and sophistication. Each piece exalts the feminine form with soft lines that are tailored for a flattering fit. These modern silhouettes are always designed to be worn with confidence and security.


For the World

Our pieces are inspired by the beauty we see in the world; therefore, it is our responsibility to give back to a world that has given so much to us. We currently use and are constantly sourcing new materials that contribute to sustaining our world and help us reduce our impact on the environment. Our innovative swimsuit fabrics are made in Italy. Reclaimed waste is turned into purified fibers to create fabric with amazing performance qualities.


For the Wear

Our soft-as-skin fabrics feature resilient stretching capabilities with absolute recovery, SPF/UPF protection, are impervious to pilling, and are resistant to chlorine and sunscreen creams & oils…all of which contribute to lifetime wear. To ensure quality, all of our products are manufactured in America, where we can oversee every step of the production process. Our garments are hand-sewn at local factories that are able to focus on the detailed subtleties in every piece.


For the Water

We’re passionate about the world we live in, as well as, the people who live in it. We believe every individual is owed basic human rights including clean water. We’ve made it our mission to aide in the support of several clean water initiatives around the world. A portion of the proceeds from every For the Water purchase will be donated to help provide safe water for those in need. Please visit our blog to see which organization(s) we are currently partnering with.